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Alokem was a Bozekanian crimelord who established an empire on his homeworld of Bozekane.

Crimelord LifeEdit

Tigit was his human majordomo who helped establish his empire. Tigit had hired some bounty hunters and palace guards to help him steal illegal spices and spread the word of his empire. His most noteable guards were Tigit himself, Grubnux the Whazit, Indibal, Sckarr who was the second to be hired, 4-LOM, Nik Jo the Jawa, an Unidentified Aqualish, and Roodala the daughter of Wuher who was a famous bartender from Tatooine. He had book the Bith Band The B-Flats to entertain the guests. Finally, his empire was complete.

Spice RobberyEdit

One night Alokem ordered Grubnux to store some spices in his cellars. Little did anyone but Wuher know that the Wookiee Kollaca and his friend Jon Treola broke into the palace. The two went into the cellars and stole all the spices. Grubnux chased them out. Later, the Ithorian Momaw Nadon arrived to the palace and became a lifetime friend to Alokem.

One Fateful NightEdit

Alokem had a celebration due to the fact that he just had the last of his stolen spices returned. 4-LOM had also captured Kollaca. Alokem was so happy, as a gift to his guests he ordered 4-LOM to kill the Wookiee. Roodala rebelled at this by throwing a thermal detonator at the Bozekanian's throne. The other guests and guards fled. Alokem was killed in the explosion. Minutes later Nik Jo and Grubnux were killed by Momaw Nadon. However, Tigit, Indibal, and 4-LOM escaped the palace. Sckarr later found the team on Kashyyyk.
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Alokem is killed in the explosion.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Originally, Yodakenobi planned on using Jabba the Hutt as a main character, but thought of introducing a new character.


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