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Yod Caandor


14 BBY

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1.98 meters

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  • Dorsks 86 through 9741

A member of the Siniteen race, Jedi Master Anatole was the leader of a popular sect of the splintered New Jedi Order. His Sect unlike Master Vonts and even Master Katarns; was in full rebellion against the concept of the Prison for Dangerous Force-Sensitives and went as far to conscript all surviving clones of the Jedi Dorsk to his cause.


Early lifeEdit

The lifespan of an average Siniteen was shorter than usual in the years the Empire ruled the entire Galaxy. At the height of the Empires power; the Emperor decreed it was time for expansion into the unexplored realms of the inner core. Now when it came to plotting new hyperspace routes there was no race better at doing such a feet off the top of their heads than Siniteens. Thus Palpatine put the entire race into service for the great inward expansion of his empire; it was during this time that Anatole was born into bondage.

Navigational Slave to the Empire-2 BBYEdit

Having survived the entire process of both his training and the construction of the Tsoss Beacon; Anatole was now considered one of the best Navigational minds at the disposal of the Empire. This of course meant that he'd be sent into areas of space that where considered impossible to navigate in one piece; while he held this distinction it did not in anyway grant him better treatment at the hands of his masters. while navigating a hyperspace jump between an astroid field and a supernova; Anatole accidentally landed an entire survey fleet into the middle of a orbital bombardment. One third of the Fleet was destroyed by the attacking Star Destroyer, this of course led to the extreme punishment of Seven years isolation within a cell aboard a watchtower at the fringes of the Galactic Frontier.

Experimentation at the hands of the Empire-4 ABYEdit

While locked away within a cell; the Empire had begun to loose its struggle against the Rebellion. Thus, in an effort to regain their position over the Rebels resources where granted to the maddest of scientists employed by the Empire. one such madman was Dr. Foge Labranth whom believed a Siniteen brain could be implanted within a Space Craft and used to navigate at a greater pace than normal navicomputers. Having served the empire for at least a year as their greatest Slave Navigator, Anatole was sent to Labranth for his experiments. the doctor however crazy he might have been was not stupid, therefore Anatole was conscripted to sire a small batch of offspring for the purpose of being dissected and experimented upon by the mad doctor. Anatole was actually forced to serve the doctor as his lab assistant and partake in the slaughter of his own children via medical experimentation.

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