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Galactic Republic (unofficialyl)

"I'm Daklif Ordo, one of the few Mandalorians that are left."
―Daklif Ordo[src]

Daklif Ordo was a Mandalorian living at the time of the Clone Wars. He was unofficially helping the Republic during the war, because of the Separatist Commander Durge who threatened all Mandalorians.


Working on Dantooine (?-22 BBY)Edit

"I flew ships. I made no money, though."
―Daklif Ordo[src]

Though not many details are known, it was revealed when interrogated by Kyle Krenis that Daklif Ordo had been flying ships on Dantooine before the beginning of the Clone Wars, though he made no money. However, it is debatable whether Daklif was telling the truth or not.

Burt Drewton and Larry Drewton, who became allies of Daklif, had briefly become castaways on Dantooine. It is possible that they had met each other there.

Fighting For the Republic (22 BBY)Edit

"I never said I liked the Republic, but I'll fight with it as long as the Clone Wars last."
―Daklif Ordo[src]
Daklif kaminofight

Daklif blasting battle droids.

Daklif Ordo fought on the Republic's side in the Clone Wars, because the Separatist Commander Durge threatened all Mandalorians and he was intending to revive them. He was seen at the Battle of Geonosis, but it is not likely he knew of Durge at that time.

Search for Information of Jango FettEdit

"I was coming for information of the bounty hunter, Jango Fett, because he'd lived here for years."
―Daklif Ordo[src]

A few months after the war started, Daklif arrived on Kamino to find information on Jango Fett, not knowing that the Separatists were attacking at the time. It may have been fortunate for Daklif; he probably wouldn't have normally been allowed into Jango's apartment.

Fighting against droids through the apartment building in Tipoca City, he met Clone recruits Lieutenant Burt Drewton, Larry Drewton, and Commander Kyle Krenis along with a squad of ARC Troopers. The ARC Commander told him he would be allowed to do what he wanted, under the conditions that Burt and Larry would go with him in Tipoca City and that he would answer questions later.

Once inside Jango's apartment room, he found a small object which he told Larry Drewton was only a diary.

Daklif interrogation

Kyle Krenis interrogating Ordo.

Soon after the battle, he was taken to Coruscant and questioned by Kyle Krenis. Krenis believed that he was a valuable asset in the war, and let him go, though clearly Krenis showed him hostility.

Behind the scenesEdit


Concept art of Boba Fett by Ralph McQuarrie.

The action figure used for Daklif Ordo in The Drewton Legacy photonovel is based on concept art for Boba Fett.


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