Ecadogren fact file




Average height

2.78 meters

Skin color

Dark Purple


Tail and Neck are used instead of Arms, which are severely undevolped.


None known

Famous members


Ecadogren's were an extremely uncommon Species in the galaxy and Where regarded as a myth up until the appearance of the Sith Minion: Montagra whom led the Space Raiders invasion of Proloxis IV in 30 ABY.

Individuals were called an Ecado.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Ecado females are thought to carry at least sixteen eggs per birthing. out of this sixteen it is common for at least four Ecado to survive the ensuing feeding frenzy within the womb, naturally infant Ecados are not born, but actually eat their way out of their mothers body. thus explaining the low birth rate and the scarcity of the race. The baby Ecados develop into a being of average height but with an elongated neck and tail with extremely flexible cartilaginous skeletons (composed of resilient cartilage).

All Ecado are equipped with a single Eye;Due to the ecado having several olfactory glands across its tail. which can only see in heat signiture. and a pair of tusk like horns that emerge from the area behind their eye and extend out out past their mouths. it was believed, that ecado’s dueled with them on a regular basis.Bio-Scans of the Beast Montagra taken by the Intergalactic Zoological Society revealed ecado’s are capable of holding their breath for at least seventy-two was also discovered that most ecado’s are equipped with a second mouth at the end of their tails. An Ecadogren’s skin is also strong enough to withstand life in the void of deep space.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ecadogrens are meant to be perceived as Cryptids: a animal presumed extinct or hypothetical species of animals known from anecdotal evidence and/or other evidence insufficient to prove their existence with certainty. such as Chupacabras on Earth.


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