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Greco Antilles
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46 BBY

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Greco Antilles was a Jedi Knight who survived Order 66 and spent his life constantly on the run from Imperial forces. He often met with his former Master, Raymus Farelle, sharing stories and exchanging information. He carried a variety of weapons, including a green lightsaber from his days as a general in the Clone Wars, and his trusty blaster pistol.


One day while Greco was meeting with Farelle in a Mos Espa cantina, the Iktochki bounty hunter known as Kelloth arrived with Imperial forces led by Dr. Sevana Nomante to capture him. They needed him to translate ancient texts found during the excavation of the Jedi Temple, that held clues to the location of one of the last undiscovered Jedi holocrons. Greco refused to help, and his Wookiee friend Calbacca arrived and helped him escape with the texts.

The clues led Greco to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where he once again encountered Nomante. This time, however, Nomante had the advantage over Greco as she was holding his ex-girlfriend Reina Orlan hostage. Nomante threatened to kill Reina if Greco didn't help recover the holocron. After an akward reunion with Reina, Greco found the holocron and turned it over to Nomante. Nomante and her forces then left for Ilum, where they had to return the holocron in order to open it and uncover its secrets. Greco, Calbacca, and Reina were left behind with Kelloth to be retrieved by a squadron and imprisoned...or worse.

Greco managed to escape, and, along with Reina, stowed aboard one of the Imperial ships bound for Ilum. Once Greco arrived on Ilum, it became a race against the convoy of speeders and walkers to reach the Temple of the Crystal Caves and prevent them from opening the holocron and accessing its information.

Eventually, everyone got to the Temple, and Nomante opened the holocron. The Jedi Spirits protecting it, however, weren't going to let Nomante and her forces get away with their actions. Greco and Reina decided it would be best to make a quick get-away. Nomante, however, enthralled by the endless data stream being projected by the powerful artifact, chose not to go anywhere, and just stood there as the power of the Force killed all present.

Greco returned to Coruscant and Reina fell in love with him again. As their adventure ended, they realized that as long as they were together, this was only the beginning of many more to come...


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