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Max Pierce

Hopper is a Rodian tracker. He is best at scouting out an ememy camp, completley unseen. Hopper was genetically enhanced by Dr. Evazan with stronger than normal leg muscles with enable his to not only jump long distances, but also kick with enough power to knock out a wall. He was also equipped with razor-sharp talons on his hands and feet, which enable him to climb walls or cut through plasteel.

Behind the ScenesEdit



Dan Curto started off with a Battle Droid (Boomer Damage) and added a lot of sculpey! he wanted to maintain the articulataion, and the "Boomer Droid" offered the best legs of all the droids so far. Dan then sculpted the muscles and costume onto the figure, curing the sculpey each time he completed a limb. He did this so many times, that almost all the joints broke on this figure! Truly disappointing. But dan glued them back together. he opted to make Hopper a Rodian instead of trying to make the odd face seen on the reference drawing. partly because he had an extra head, and partly because he wanted to make the scaly texture on the body. Curto did this by gently rolling a severed Bossk arm over the sculpy before curing it. The reulst is that he looks more reptillian now than he was originally. The next challenge was to make the "hair" on this guy. Originally he thought it would be some kind of hair for the alien, or perhaps spikes coming from the back of his head. Dan tried to make them with sculpey, but they kept breaking. So, he tried to use the Crayola Model Magic but he couldn't get the right shape. Curto ended up slicing up a Princess Leia skirt and gluing it to the back of his head.


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