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"I greet you, and I shall tell you my name is Idnum-Ki. I trust you know I am a Jedi by seeing my weapon, or, if you could see in this light."

Idnum-Ki was a Cerean Jedi Master in the last years of the Galactic Republic. He took Dular as his apprentice in 34 BBY, was present on Dantooine when it was attack by the Kaleesh, and fought many battles in the Clone Wars. He fought the Sith Lord Count Dooku, who once was a close friend of his, at the Battle of Sriran.


Jedi MasterEdit

Idnum-Ki was a wise and respected Jedi Master. Two of his confidants in the Order were Dooku and Sifo Dyas, who had percieved the growth of the dark side and the return of the Sith.[1]

He took Dular as his apprentice in 34 BBY.[1]

Idnum was assigned to rescue Burt and Larry Drewton on Dantooine in 32 BBY. Once landing on the planet, there were no interferences with the mission, besides a skirmish with a kath hound.[2]

He brought them back to their homeplanet, Naboo, which had recently been invaded by the Trade Federation.[3]

A few weeks later, Idnum-Ki discussed many things with Dooku when he announced his departing of the Jedi Order, and Dooku told him that the Sith had returned, and that Darth Maul was only an apprentice. Their conversation had a great impact on Idnum.[1] When Dooku left, the former Jedi Master arrived on his homeplanet, Serenno, where he reclaimed his title of Count.[4]

Search for the NockudumeyEdit

""Palpatine claims to have information on a Nockudumey hideout in the Tunonel District. That is where we are being sent."
―Burt Drewton
Tdl idnumunderlevels

Idnum-Ki deflecting blaster fire.

Much later, in 22 BBY, following the Battle of Mithus, Idnum went with the Republic Peace Keepers to the underlevels of Coruscant to locate the hidden base of the Nockudumey Terrorists. The Peace Keeper group he was with included Burt and Larry Drewton, who he had rescued on Dantooine, and Kyle Krenis.[5]

Once the Nockudumey base was found, they found inside a toxin that could destroy an entire city. Immediately after Idnum said they must take it to show Chancellor Palpatine, a group of battle droids attacked them. Idnum defended the group, but they did not defeat the battle droids in time to stop the Nockudumey from escaping.[5]

Clone Wars (22 BBY)Edit

"The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun, the Clone War has."

Battle of GeonosisEdit

"It's good to see a familiar face that's not another clone"
―Larry Drewton to Idnum-Ki

After Obi-Wan Kenobi had discovered the secret Clone Army on Kamino, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was granted emergency powers so the Republic could use the Clones against the Separatists, which had comitting an act of war, and was revealed that Dooku had fallen to the dark side and become a Sith Lord.[4]

Idnumki geonosis

Idnum with Peace Keepers and Clone Troopers in the catacombs.

In the Geonosis Execution Arena, Jedi Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Senator Padme Amidala were set to be executed. A Jedi force, including Idnum-Ki, had been sent to the planet, but they had not been enough against the Separatists' Droid Army. Republic Gunships with Clone Troopers had landed in the arena to help the Jedi get away, including the Peace Keeper Gunship Purveyor, piloted by Larry Drewton. Idnum-Ki boarded Purveyor, and when all the Jedi in the arena had boarded the Gunships, they flew away from the arena, but not from the battle. They carried the battle with them.[6]

The battle was not going well for the Separatists. The Separatist Leaders decided to flee the planet, and Count Dooku left for Coruscant to bring plans for an ultimate weapon back to his Sith Master. To stop evacuating Separatist Leaders, Idnum-Ki, the Peace Keepers, and Clone Troopers were sent to the underlevels of Geonosis, but ultimately, the mission was a failure. They found a sign further into the catacombs that they were too late to stop the Separatist evacuations: a Jedi body.[6]

The Clone Wars had begun.[6]

Getato droid factoriesEdit

"I don't suppose there's much use muttering the overly-repeated word 'surrender'."

A few days after the battle of Geonosis, Idnum-Ki was onced again reunited with the Drewtons, Kyle Krenis, and his apprentice, Dular, who was now a Jedi Knight. They were sent to Getato to destroy the droid factories.[7]


Idnum-Ki and Dular on Getato.

Once landing in the shield generator control room, they eliminated the battle droids. Idnum and Dular dueled a Trandoshan, but the kill was Lieutenant Burt's when the Trandoshan was distracted. The factories were then destroyed, and the mission was a success.[7]

Duel with Count DookuEdit

"I agree with you on how corrupt the Republic is, but war is not the answer. Your spirit, as diseased as it is, refuses to allow you to give up, no matter what threats you face... and whatever wreckage you leave behind you."
―Idnum to Dooku

A few weeks later, on Coruscant, Idnum counseled Dular, who was worried about Palpatine corrupting Burt. Idnum told him that corruption is merely influence, called 'corruption' when one disagreed with the influence. Dular then told him that Palpatine's thoughts were clouded by stress.[8] Idnum commented on Dular using the Force again, for his power had seemed to almost diminish a few years ago, to which his former apprentice replied that his connection was being slowly restored, but that he had experienced urges to use the dark side. Idnum did not warn against the dark side, but merely said to use whatever necessary.[8]

Idnum, Dular, and Anakin Skywalker were sent to Sriran to destroy a huge Separatist base called Delta Station. Fighting his way through the base, Idnum's apprentice showed tremendous ability with the Force. He and Idnum soon located the core of Delta Station, but unexpectedly, or unexpectedly to Dular, Count Dooku, the Dark Lord of the Sith, was there.[9]

Tdl idnumdookufight

Idnum dueling Dooku.

Dular was the first to act, attempting to attack Dooku. But the Count merely blasted him with Force Lightning, knocking him unconscious. Idnum and Dooku then ignited their lightsabers and began dueling. Both used the Makashi lightsaber combat.[9]

The duel quickly ended when Idnum-Ki used Force Lightning to attack Dooku, which even he could not deflect. Dooku asked Idnum how he had done that, and Idnum told him to not assume that a Jedi Master does not know how to use the dark side, for he himself had ten years ago. Dooku willfully surrendered, but Idnum neither captured nor killed him. He merely told him that he agreed with him on how corrupt the Republic was, but that war was not the answer.[9]

"Direct action is not always the best way. It is a far greater victory to make another see through your eyes than to close theirs forever."

After letting Dooku leave, Idnum uses the Force so that Dular would regain consciousness. He told his former apprentice that Dooku had 'unfortunately' escaped, and the two then blew up Delta Station from the inside. They escaped the explosion via gunship.[9]

Personality and traitsEdit

"He's become a manipulative Jedi Master."
―Kyle Krenis at the Battle of Sriran

Idnum-Ki was a philosopher, orator, and warrior, very much like Dooku. He was a well known and respected Jedi in the Jedi Order, though the Council, mainly Mace Windu, begun to be concerned about his ideas at the time of the Clone Wars. He agreed with Dooku on how corrupt the Republic was, but that war was not the answer.

Kyle Krenis thought of him as a very manipulative Jedi Master; a typical Jedi Master who had been given too much power.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Idnum forcelightning

Idnum-Ki using Force Lightning.

"Do not think that a Jedi Master has no knowledge of how to use the dark side of the Force."

Idnum-Ki learned many of the Jedi arts, and perhaps many of the Sith arts. He used the Makashi lightsaber form, which allowed more use of the Force during combat.

He suprised his former confidant, Dooku, when he used Force Lightning, an ability usually considered to be of the dark side.

Behind the scenesEdit

The first appearance of Idnum-Ki was in Chronicles of a Rebellion in 2006. He next appeared in The Drewton Legacy.

Chronicles of a RebellionEdit


The first appearance of Idnum-Ki in 2006.

Idnum-Ki was assisting by Commander Bob on Xagobah in 19 BBY. When Order 66 was executed, Idnum chopped off Commander Bob's hands; Force-Pushed Lieutenant Burt into a wall, knocking him unconscious; stabbed Larry in the shoulder; and killed the remaining Clone Troopers. He was then contacted by Obi-Wan Kenobi via hologram, who said that this had happened everywhere, and they planned a meeting which would happen three days later.

The meeting, however, was interrupted by Stormtroopers. The two Jedi escaped with help from a smuggler named Tumsun, but the trio were soon captured by IG-88 and taken to a Star Destroyer. The Commander that was planned to interrogate them was actually Commander Bob, who had assisted Idnum on Xagobah. He claimed that a device had been installed in him to do the Chancellor's bidding, whatever it was, but that now it had been removed.

Lieutenant Burt and Larry had also been captured. Commander Bob, Obi-Wan, and Idnum freed them. After battling with several Stormtroopers, all of them except Idnum and Larry were captured once again.

On the bridge of the Star Destroyer, they were interrogated by Mas Amedda and Governor Tarkin. Idnum-Ki arrived, however, and gave Obi-Wan a lightsaber. The two Jedi fought against more Stormtroopers, and then all of them proceeded to the escape pods.

But they were confronted by someone completely unexpected: Darth Maul, who had been defeated by Obi-Wan in the Battle of Naboo. Idnum and Obi-Wan dueled Darth Maul while the others fought against Stormtroopers. Further into the duel, Idnum defeated Maul, chopping him in half with his lightsaber. Maul may not have died, however, because he had said he could never die.

Idnum-Ki and the others then departing the Star Destroyer in an escape pod, landing on Tatooine. On the planet, Obi-Wan announced that he must leave, and told Idnum to take care of the others.

The Drewton Legacy Original ChaptersEdit

Idnum was assigned to rescue Burt and Larry Drewton on Dantooine in 32 BBY. Once landing on the planet, there were no interferences with the mission, besides a skirmish with a kath hound.[2]

He brought them back to their homeplanet, Naboo, which had recently been invaded by the Trade Federation.[3]


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