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Rise of the Empire era

Kollaca was a Wookiee who met a spice thief named Jon Treola and the beautiful friendship began.

Early LifeEdit

Throughout the next few years the two hit planet after planet stealing spice after spice. On the planet of Bozekane, Kollaca and Treola broke into the palace of Alokem, a Bozekanian crimelord whose cellars were loaded with illegal spices. The only person who saw them break into the palace was the famous bartender Wuher. The only guard down in the cellar was a purple Whazit named Grubnux. The two stole some spices and were chased out by Grubnux. After the robbery, the two were separated and Kollaca never saw his friend for a long time.

Later ExpeditionsEdit

One evening, Kollaca was captured by 4-LOM. Alokem ordered the Wookiee to be murdered as a present to his guests. However, Wuher's daughter Roodala, who was a palace guard, threw a thermal detonator at Alokem's throne. The scared guests ran off moments before her old master died a firey death. Kollaca realized that Roodala, Wuher, and Ithorian guest Momaw Nadon were his new friends. The four got out of the throne room just as it turned into a ball of fire. But old friend Grubnux and Indibal were planning a fight with the four. However, Grubnux was shot by Nadon, but Indibal still attacked. Roodala saved her friend by jumping in front of the two. 4-LOM and Alokem's majordomo Tigit saved Indibal and ran off. The four ran off in search of Jon Treola who was hiding on Kashyyyk.

Reunited with Jon TreolaEdit

When they got there, Kollaca met up with a Wookiee tribe guarded by Chewbacca and Auhsoj. The elder Wookiee Shaman told the group that Jon was alive. However, Chewbacca noticed up in the trees a danger. Then Auhsoj' Gunsman was shot alerting the group of the dangers. Auhsoj avenged his gunsman's death by killing Bossk's Guardsman. Jon Treola arrived punching Bossk and Drazil(Trandoshan) before getting knocked out of the trees by Sckarr. Treola reunited with Kollaca shortly before the Empire showed up. Treola punched down one of the Galactic Marines allowing his friends time to escape. Nadon and Roodala vanished out of Kollaca's site and the Wookiee Shawman was mysteriously shot. Wuher, Chewbacca and Auhsoj were captured and Kollaca and Jon Treola were held with guns at their heads.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Yodakenobi planned to turn his spare Chewbacca Galactic Hero into Senator Yarua, but the color scheme failed.


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