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Leia Organa Solo
Biographical information

Alderaan; born on Polis Massa


19 BBY (16:5:26)

Physical description





1.56 meters

Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion era, New Republic era, New Jedi Order era, Sequel Trilogy Era


New Jedi Order, New Galactic Republic

Ambassador Leia Organa Solo was a Human female who is the sister of Master Skywalker, wife of General Solo and mother of their children.

The CloneEdit

Upon noticing a missing vessel at the refuel station, General Solo made contact with his estranged wife Ambassador Leia Organa Solo whom promised to bring aid for the search party as well as a Helpful Surprise to the family. Unable to derive the meaning behind her message Jacen decided to include his twin sister Jaina in whatever meeting was to take place between the family members.

Meeting Aboard a Republic medical frigate, The Solo Family, Kyle Katarn & Kyp Durron was meet by the Ambassador to the Jedi Order and a space suit wearing male companion whom neglected to introduce himself.
EP7ADF-frames 142

The Return of Anakin Solo.

General Solo seized the opportunity to share an embrace with his wife and was quickly made aware of the male companion’s identity whom was a Clone of their Dead Son: Anakin Solo II, this revelation was met by opposing attitudes by the gathering. Ranging from jovial by Jacen to questioning by Master Durron to plan disdain by Master Katarn & Jaina Solo, whom decry the clone as a abomination in the eyes of the Force. Foreseeing a mighty schism within the Jedi Order Master Katarn resigns his commission to the order and dares to leave the Ambassador with her honorary Noghri title “Lady Vader”, mainly because of the secretive way in which the clone was created by both Luke & Leia using forbidden practices to channel the spirit of the young man into the clone. It is later revealed to both Han & Jacen that clone is imperfect at retaining the identity of the dead man, due to the fact that the real Anakin Solo did not know how to become one with the Force.

Behind the scenesEdit

This page is about a fanon version of Leia Organa Solo as she appears in Darth Depressis's Sequel Trilogy Photo-novel. Aside from an event that has yet to appear in the photo-novel, everything about her history up until three to six months after the events of The Unifying Force remains the same.


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