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5,033 BBY


30 ABY

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67 meters

Hair color

Greyish Black

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Old Republic era,Sequel Trilogy Era


Sith Empire

Ler'Banka was the behemoth Gorax Guard of the Temple of Prophesies as well as a mighty SithSpawn whom was altered by none other than the greatest Dark Lord of the Sith to rule the ancient Sith Empire:Marka Ragnos.

Enter the GoraxEdit

A moment of relief was suddenly overpowered as the Jedi Cadre found themselves at the business end of a Massive Lightsaber wielded by non-other than the infamous guard of the temple of prophesies : Ler'Banka a mighty Gorax trained and stationed within the temple by Marka Ragnos during the hundred years darkness.Moments earlier the group had been granted a reprieve by the sith mummies due to their fear of the temple guard, a fear in which the mighty Jedi where about to understand firsthand. Not long after Lowbacca suggested the masters present are more than a match for the SithSpawn. Masters: Skywalker,Soear,Lowbacca,Vont,Putag,Solusar as well as Jedi Knight Chi-Ro Rahem engage the mighty creature in a show of their mastery of Form IV: Ataru, they where assisted by the bodyguard droid ACHEFF-9 while Mara Jade Skywalker guarded both C-3PO and her son Ben as well as Umble Zarr and her son Zeb-Ska Soear. The highly aerial based struggle was commanded by Ler’Banka whom was more than well versed in the ancient ways of Force energy Battles, seizing the opportunity to limit his attackers numbers the gorax stomped the bodyguard droid and used the Force Drain technique to subdue Kam Solusar mid-flight and disintegrate him with the swing of his blade. During this atrocity the remaining Jedi where force pushed back the bridge from which they had entered the room, and from this vantage where forced to watch as Masters Skywalker & Soear came within the grasp of Death at the hands of Ler’Banka.

Behind the scenesEdit

Unlike the Sith Mummies,the concept of Ler'banka was a dropped element from the ultimately abandoned Fan Film of Episode Seven, which is now Episode VIII: The Volatile Vision. There are currently plans for Ler'Banka to appear in a Golden Age of the Sith era Photo-Novel by Darth Depressis, this one-shot would mainly be centered around Marka Ragnos's rise to power after the Hundred Year Darkness.


The unused re-imagined Custom of Ler'Banka.

The Digital version of Ler'banka that was created via tweaking the model used by Sony for their Star Wars Galaxies game was almost replaced with a re-imagined Custom Action figure for use in the Extended Edition of Episode VII: A Dark Facade. the design of this re-imagined version was heavily inspired by the work of the Notorious EC Comics. The concept was to portray Ler'Banka as something of a rotting corpse that dark side energies still clung to; however due to realizing the digital model still held up Darth Depressis left the creature as is for the Extended Edition.


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