Gigin-Taue Soear wields his Light-LongSword as the Space Raiders begin their invasion of Proloxis IV.

The Light-LongSword was a personal variation of the Lightsaber built and wielded by Gigin-Taue Soear as he journeyed through the Deep Frontier regions of Proloxis IV with his wife to be, Umble Zarr.


The Hilt of the Lorrbeqian KingEdit

This Hilt of was all that remained of Gigin-Taue's forefathers by the time he was studiing at the Jedi Academy alongside his father, Yap-En, his best friend, Cas-Lo Vont and love interest Umble Zarr. It was while studiing into the nature of the Force that Gigin-Taue visably began to break away from the academy, he was known for arguing with his professors and making outragous claims that he would one day ratify. In the midst of one such exercise, he openly dropped out of the academy with Cas-Lo and Umble at his side, the three where asked to return their Practice Saber hilts before departing the planet, all three complyed but managed to keep the focusing crystals in hopes of constructing a personal weapon on their journey to Proloxis IV.

A Weapon of Peace is ForgedEdit

Six monthes into their quest amongest the predators of the Deep Frontier, Gigin-Taue and Cas-Lo where forced to defend themselves againsit a rabid Tusk Cat that managed to injure Soear. At the behest of Umble Zarr, Vont was sent back to the city of Orran to gather new supplies while Gigin-Taue's leg healed. It was during this time that Soear began the construction of his Light-LongSword, the first seventy-two hours where spent cracking open the Hilt and constructing the focusing device out of a protective goggle. By the time Cas-Lo returned, Gigin-Taue had constructed his weapon and decided to begin the construction of their Jedi Temple on the very grounds where they were forced to defend their lives.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gigin-Taue Soear's Light-LongSword was a Custom Weapon designed by Darth Depressis for his Sequel Trilogy Photo-Novel. It consists of one G.I Joe sword hilt and the tail end of Jango Fett (final battle)'s flame effect.

Gigin-Taue's Lightsaber was described as yellow-bladed in the script as well, but this idea dates back to the abandoned fan-film inwhich his son Zeb-Ska wielded his fathers yellow-bladed Lightsaber as well as a blue bladed one of his own design. this concept was dropped, but the colors remain the same. Leaving open the possibilty that Zeb-Ska's Saber contains his fathers Focusing crystal.


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