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This is a wiki for Star Wars photonovels made by fans of the series, using action figures as characters. If you are looking to submit work for simply a fanon story, however, and not a photonovel, you should go to Star Wars Fanon, or to Wookieepedia if you are looking to add canon information. Also, when writing articles, please follow the Manual of Style.

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"We've got three bodies, two injured, a massive crater on deck 68 and these remains. Would you mind talking me through precisely what happened here trooper?!"
― a Death Star Trooper talking to TK-421 on the first Death Star

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Montagra was a male Ecadogren found on the backwater planet of Haducu sometime during the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion. The creature was uncommonly sensitive to the Power of the Force, a deep feeling of abandonment troubled it after the departure of Skywalker and his wife leading to it's capture by the Dark Side of the Force.

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  • Use {{Template:Photonovel infobox}} for photonovel series and chapter articles.
  • All articles must be based on information from a photonovel. Otherwise, it should be on Star Wars Fanon.
  • Always write in past tense.
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  • All articles should be properly categorized and have the correct era indicated.
  • Articles about characters should follow the Manual of Style.
  • You are free to correct anything in another user's article, as long as you do not add any of your own fanon, unless if said otherwise by the author.

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