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Marland Tohm Halcyon
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1.8 meters

Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Known masters

Ranimn Dinwyr

Marland Tohm Halcyon was born on the planet of Dantooine in 34 BBY. Marland was born into a very poor family whom lived near the outskirts of the Khoonda Plains. In 33 BBY, Jedi Master Ranimn Dinwyr discovered Marland to be a Force-sensitive being on one of his many missions to the planet. He was given to the Jedi by his parents, in hope of a better life. He went on to become a very skilled Jedi Knight serving the Jedi Order During the Clone Wars. He has a vast command of the Force, enabling him to use powers such as Force Healing, Force Enlightenment, Force Speed, Force Valor, and his most important Force power of all, Battle Meditation. These powers, and the influence he has over his clone troopers make him a very important asset to the Jedi Order. It was also rumored that Marland was training to become a Jedi Watchman.

Behind the scenesEdit

Marland Tohm Halcyon is named after Arc_Trooper77's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic profile. Marland's family name, Halcyon, comes from a poor group of farmers whom live near the outskirts of the Khoonda Plains, on Dantooine.


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