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user:Commando Danny,Darth Depressis,Any contributing Photo-Novelists


user:Commando Danny,Darth Depressis


Any contributing Photo-Novelists

First aired

April 2nd 2008

Last aired

September 3rd 2009

PNN - Photo-Novel News (formerly Photonovel News Network)is an forum segment aimed at building hype for up and coming photo-novels. The segment consists of various photo-novel news articles detailing various photo-novels. Although it was created by user:Commando Danny, he relinquished control of it to Darth Depressis after a short period of time. Whom discontinued his control of it on September 3rd 2009.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • While under Commando Danny's control PNN only ran on Friday nights at Nine o'clock. this schedule was kept for a total of three weeks.
  • All Segments are usually submitted by the Photo-Novelists themselves.
  • While under Darth Depressis's control PNN began a series of in-depth interviews with Photo-Novelists.
  • The First in-depth interview was with The creator of The Enloe Chronicles; Chewie.
  • The Second in-depth Interview was with Clone 5X.
  • Zedhatch of contributed several comedic one-shots for the segement titled: New From Zedhatch. It was later renamed A Zedhatch Short.
  • Another Segment that made it's debut while under the helm of Darth Depressis was The PNN Casting Call.
  • A flashback spotlight was cast upon two Photo-Novels of yesteryear for a segment titled: PNN-Celebrates Nine years of The Custom Alliance. Scott Corrales's Star Wars: The Warlord of Gondaar and Dan Curto's Star Wars: DEADLINE where featured.
  • Another Segment that had its debut under the helm of Darth Depressis was the infamous SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! Edition.
  • the first PNN Casting Call was centered around the hero of Star Wars: The Enloe Chronicles; Rykrof Enloe. The winner of the poll was Ethan Hawke with 50% of the vote.
  • The Third in-depth Interview was with Niktom;creator of Yak's Pub.
  • Another Segment that had its debut under the helm of Darth Depressis was the Spoiler Feed; which boasted a variety of supposedly leaked information regarding Photo-Novels currently in various stages of production.
  • PNN has also been run with a side bar containing highlights from Photo-Novel Wiki.
  • Darth Depressis stopped hosting PNN on his personal photobucket account on September 3rd 2009; due to a lack of contributors.

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