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17 ABY


30 ABY

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1.4 meters

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New Jedi Order

Putag was a male Noghri Jedi Master who taught at Gigin-Taue Soear's Jedi Temple "Lex'rer" in the deep frontier regions of the planet Proloxis IV.


Early lifeEdit

Putag was discovered by Luke Skywalker while serving his twin sister Ambassador Leia on a diplomatic mission which resulted in the reformation of the Galactic Republic. The young Noghri proved himself to be extremely strong in the Force while fighting off a legion of Mandalorian Super Commandos led by Poort Noy whom assassinated Cal Omas, the then Chief of State for the failed Galactic Alliance.


Having survived the Mandalorian coup, Putag journeyed with Master Skywalker until it became all too clear that the master was too busy attempting to rebuild his Jedi Academy to be of any assistance in helping him attain the Rank of Jedi Knight. Hoping to learn the ways of the Force, Putag arrived at Lex'rer the Jedi Temple of Gigin-Taue Soear. Instantly he was taken in as a notable edition to the cadre of famous Jedi who taught at the Temple, in the midst of this sudden acclaim the young Noghri was elevated to the rank of Knight over lunar rotation. as time went he came to accept his abilities and acclaim, having sparred with the likes of Kyle Katarn and Lowbacca.

Lightsaber InstructorEdit

At the height of Putag's fame he assisted Master Soear in the construction of his Interactive Lightsaber Training Chamber, in which Master Soear would go on to advance the knowledge of Saber combat by reviving the comat styles of old. Thanks in large part to the arrival of Jacen Solo-Ep7ADF whom supplied the knowledge of Vergere, with these tools imparted to Putag. Gigin-Taue then decided the young Noghri deserved advancement to the rank of Council Master and a permanent position as the temples Lightsaber Instructor. both of which Putag accepted.


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