Republic Commando: Delta Squad

22 BBY-19 BBY


Rise of the Empire Era

Republic Commando: Delta Squad is a photonovel by Commando Scorch depicting the many adventures of Delta Squad as they struggle to defend the Galactic Republic from the Confederacy of Independent Systems throughout the Clone Wars.


Chapter 1Edit

Destroying the Separatist BaseEdit

Chapter 2Edit

Rescuing Alpha & Sora BulqEdit

Not long afterwords, ARC Trooper "Alpha" and Jedi General Sora Bulq were riding toward a mission aboard a Republic Gunship when it was suddenly attacked by the droid armies of the CIS. The gunship crashed and the two Republic figureheads were taken as prisoners. After learning of these unfortunate happenings, Jedi General Roron Corobb immediately summoned Delta Squad, and commanded them to track down and rescue the two heroes of the Republic.


Fixer is blasted in the chest by a Super Battle Droid.

After landing and discovering the CIS fortress that the heroes were being held in, Delta Squad was able to take out the only guard there via Sev's sniping skills and blow the doors to the entrance via Scorch's demolition expertise. Following an onslaught of CIS droids, the team of Clone Commandos was slowed down momentarily when one of the commandos, Fixer, was blasted in the chest by a Super Battle Droid, and could not walk on his own for a short time due to some very minimal, but serious lung damage. Scorch had to aid him for some time, but not after they reached the prison section of the fortress.

Once there, Delta Squad was able to get past the two Super Battle Droid guards, and Fixer, now much better, was able to slice through the main doors to the prison block. Then, in the midst of a shootout with CIS droids, Sev was able to save Scorch from a nasty injury by an auto-turret and locate the prison cell which contained Alpha and General Bulq. Now rescued, they followed Delta Squad as they tore their way through barriers of droids and evaded a squad of chasing Battle Droids.

When the party reached the entrance of the fortress, they found their gunship and their pilot waiting for them. They began boarding the vessel immediately. Little did they know that they were being chased by a group of droids. By the time they were discovered by the droids, it was too late to hold them off. A Droideka shot and killed their gunship pilot, and Delta Squad had to resort to a thermal detonator to save themselves. Luckily, Fixer was able pilot the ship back to their headquarters on Coruscant with Alpha and Sora Bulq safely inside.

Chapter 3Edit

Coming SoonEdit

As of now, nothing official has been said on Republic Commando: Delta Squad- Chapter 3, but creator Commando Scorch can reveal that it will include a character from the Raft Dangar Chronicles by Commander Gray. More details as they become available.

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