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Sept. 13, 2007

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Short-Comic Series Phtonovel


Action Figure Club

Action Figure Club (AFC) has been running since September 13, 2007 from its original website, Rebelscum Forums. This popular short-comic series photonovel has brought comedy and humor to many members in different websites. So come on in and join the fun!

History of AFC Edit

AFC was born from an inspiration of a couple of short-comic series photonovels in many forums. I, Commando_Danny, decided to create one as well; this time, it's from Monday-Saturday every week. each comic can be from 1-10 picture(s) per day.

A week-long special of the same topic in each comics appear every couple of weeks. On Sunday, I give out the week's wek-long special and host it until Saturday.

As time went by, I started looking at AFC like a new world. That's when the Big AFC Photonovels came in mind. The first one was the Transformation of AFC containing about 200 pictures. Then as time went by, so did the sequels. These Big AFC Photonovels tell the story and work of the AFC crew through a different point of view rather than mostly comedy.

Although AFC is popular in some websites, it won't last long. As my life's work starts growing, my humor starts shrinking. Soon enough, one of these days, AFC will have to close down.

Characters Edit

Rebel Guard


Jar Jar Binks

Other AFC Characters...

List of Comics Edit

Season I Edit

Feburary 2008 Edit

Season II Edit

AFC's Big Photonovels Edit

Transformation of AFC

AFC and the Golden Paper Airplane

AFC: The Legacy of Two Brothers

AFC presents: Gree vs. Rex

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