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Episode five

The Mandalorian Connection

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User:Darth Depressis

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User:Darth Depressis

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Started on

January ‎30th, ‎2010

Finished on

March 23rd, 2010

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Widescreen DVD photonovel




19 BBY


Star Wars: Memoirs of a War Profiteer

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The Mandalorian Connection was the fifth full episode of Darth Depressis's Star Wars: Memoirs of a War Profiteer series.




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The Television show format of the Memoirs series was almost used for Star Wars: An Idealistic Crusade. and its main character was originally intended to be a cameo within Arc Trooper77's Photo-Novel.


  • Several of the digital models used within the photo-novel where downloaded from the websites: Sci-fi 3D[1] and ShareCG [2].
  • The Destruction of Caamas was first mentioned in Timothy Zahn's Specter of the Past.
  • Varn, World of Water was a quite dull holodocumentary feature about the planet of Varn, that Han Solo exhibited to the fascinated Kamarian Badlanders at his makeshift holotheater in Han Solo's Revenge by Brain Daley.
  • Boba Fett's armor is meant to resemble the since retconned backstory in Star Wars 68: The Search Begins.
  • Rokur Gepta's appearance was modeled after artwork depicted in The Essential Chronology.
  • the plastoid armor worn by Dilbun Vont in this episode was inspired by similar attire worn by The Comedian in Alan Moore's Watchmen.
  • The plotline of J'mee Fett and her connection to Boba Fett was originally intended to be explained in greater detail and even cement her as his actual mother. this concept was abandoned in the midst of a brainstorming session that led to the basis behind the lekku loper story arc.
  • As originally planned; this episode was to follow The Unknown Battle Of Wayland and continue into the midst of the clone wars.
  • The meeting of the Mafioso’s was inspired by the conspirators featured in the beginning of Frank Herbert's Dune Messiah.
  • Dexter Jettster's beating at the hands of Cittro was directly inspired by the vagrent bashing scene in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.
  • Ashoka Tano's demise was included within this story out of spite.
  • The Photo-Novel was written with heavy visual homages in mind.
  • Dilbun's Airspeeders where designed to resemble dragsters.
  • The Digital model of Palpatines office was built within the command module of the U.S.S Discovery from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • The Statues seen in the Imperial Palace are supposed to be Marka Ragnos and Darth Bane.
  • The Red Drapes in the Imperial Palace where directly inspired by the extradimensional place which seems to include the "Red Room" in David Lynch's Twin Peaks.
  • the closing shot of the Photo-Novel was set within a digital model of the moon bus from 2001: A Space Odyssey. this same model was also used within The Lekku Loper.
  • Master Del Gormo's elemental use of the Force is meant to be extremely advanced in its nature and therefore beyond the likes of average Force-Sensitives; the logic behind Darth Vader being able to burst Solusar and Del Gormo's Midi-Chlorians is based upon dialoq spoken by Yoda regarding the arrogance of the "older" Jedi. the author assumes all Jedi are taught to keep a basic defensive field around themselves at all times, however since most jedi have become increasingly dependent upon basic force assisted Lightsaber combat and would not expect such an underhanded move.
  • The Bombardment Armada consists of Acclamator II-class assault ships,Gladiator-class Star Destroyers,Venator-class Star Destroyers,and Victory I-class Star Destroyers.
  • While in the midst of Production on this episode, the author considered crafting a pair of scenes that would have taken place on Mandalore depicting Fett's interactions with Spar,Fenn Shysa,Tobbi Dala,BL-17 regarding the Mission to Norval II,the existance of J'mee Fett and mentions of the severe ousting of Duchess Satine Kryzes pacifist movement.

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