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Episode three

The Lekku Loper

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User:Darth Depressis

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User:Darth Depressis

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Started on

July 31st, 2009

Finished on

August 25th, 2009

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Widescreen DVD photonovel




20 BBY


Star Wars: Memoirs of a War Profiteer

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The Unknown Battle of Wayland

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Prize Captive of Operation Knightfall

The Lekku Loper was the third full episode of Darth Depressis's Star Wars: Memoirs of a War Profiteer series.


Two months after the Death of Fai'rel on Wayland, a body count of seventeen Twi'lek strumpets has begun to pile up in the Coco district of Coruscant's underbelly. all victims are found beaten to death and with their distinctive Lekku cleaved off with a vibro-axe. Jedi Master Empatajayos Brand acting as lead investigator; finds himself the primary target of prominent Holo-pundit Sloan Snickers brutal coverage of the heinous mass murderer. in response the massive outcry against both the government and the jedi order, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine publicly assigns an entire Jedi/Corsec team to the investigation. once assembled the investigation takes a drastic step towards reveling the identity of the Lekku Loper whom leaves no trace of himself at any crime in either forensic detail nor any distinctive impression in the force. upon finding a young Twi'lek child under the bed of the eighteenth victims pleasure den; the identities of the team members are exposed over the holo-net while they happen upon a connection to the grand army of the republic.




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The Television show format of the Memoirs series was almost used for Star Wars: An Idealistic Crusade. and its main character was originally intended to be a cameo within Arc Trooper77's Photo-Novel.


  • Several of the digital models used within the photo-novel where downloaded from the websites: Sci-fi 3D[1] and ShareCG [2].
  • The junk barge used to ferry the Lekku parade down Vos Gesal street was in fact a retextured digital model of the moon bus from 2001: A Space Odyssey. it was given a edited version of a Boba Fett helmet. in aurabesh text it reads: Republic Waste Services.
  • Rykrof Enloe is mentioned in the news ticker portion of Sloan Snickers Holo-Feed.
  • The Holo-Razzi droid was a kitbashed digital model of the Probe droid from The Empire Strikes Back.
  • The Green Twi'leks in the Vos Gesal hotel pleasure den are intended to be members of Connus Trell's displaced family. Trell was the senator Jango Fett dropped off of a balcony in the Video Game Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.
  • The lone surviving and later misplaced witness to The Lekku Loper's murder spree was intended to be the youngest son of Senater Trell, although suspected dead within the episode Zora Trell appeared in the climax of the Memoirs series. a standalone photonovel Star Wars: Justice Avengers Intergalactica was made to add a layer of backstory.
  • The color of the Pleasure den texture was inspired by the original dvd cover art of the film Fight Club.
  • Nejaa Halcyon's comment regarding he and An'ya Kuro being in agreement for the first time was a homage to similar dialog found in the film Seven.
  • Callista Ming and Qu Rahn where originally set to appear in place of An'ya Kuro and Koffi Arana, the change was a result of the fact that Ming's involvment in the Republic Commando series as well as her apperances within The Clone Wars novels.Qu Rahn was discarded due to the fact that an figure of Arana already existed and would not require any design work.
  • An entire portion of the story was written without the inclusion of Koffi Arana, resulting in a few errors in the text.

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