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Star Wars Episode IX:
Reign of the Force

46 ABY


Sequel Trilogy Era

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Star Wars Episode VIII: The Volatile Vision

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Star Wars Episode IX: Reign of the Force is the Third and Final Chapter of Darth Depressis's Sequel Trilogy Photo-Novel Project.

Opening crawlEdit

Episode IX

The surviving parties of the GURLITUIM MASSACRE
are sent their separate ways in the midst of both
spinning out of control amongst the debris.
Our Heroes leave the shattered planet, while
MISTRESS MALDINI remains searching for
Shards of the KALIBER CRYSTAL in hopes
of consolidating ULITMATE POWER
over the FORCE.

Splintering seconds after word spreads to every
corner of the galaxy,MERCENARIES and
SPACE RAIDER remnants move for an attack
on CORUSCANT. Due to the fact that all
armed forces of the NEW GALACTIC REPUBLIC
have been called to a secret fortress within
the OTTARA NEBULA in preparation for war.

Master VONT and his Apprentice race from the
deepest depths of the rebuilt JEDI TEMPLE to
escape the planet with the legendary KAIBURR CRYSTAL.
In hopes of getting it to safety aboard a republic
transport vessel carrying the highest ranking officials,
whom are left with the daunting task of sifting through
the survivors of the previous conflict to assemble
a strike force capable of defending the
Fate of the Galaxy………




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Behind the scenesEdit

The story that is Episode IX contains elements that where originally intended to be plot lines for the remaining episodes of the abandoned fan-film Sequel Trilogy of 2001.


  • The Script for Episode Nine was completed in March of 2005. The six page outline from which it was adapted contained over seven scenes which where not included within the final script. All of the deleted outline scenes and three scenes from the script will not be featured in the Photo-Novel. These scenes dealt with a love story between Jaina Solo and Zeb-Ska Soear. this concept was dropped, due to the age differences between the two characters.
  • In an effort to streamline work on the creation of the Photo-Novel, all digital sets where constructed before a single photograph was taken.
  • The first set of teaser posters where released on PNN - Photo-Novel News. one of the posters reveled the the first look at Ben Skywalker as the apprentice of the insectoid Teräs Mundri: Zett'alk. another poster featured the leader of the mysterious order: Talve Ganard as he easily subdued the treacherous Chi-Ro Rahem. the two remaining posters featured a triumphant Mistress Maldini wielding a forked lightsaber powered by shards of the Kaliber Crystal as accompanied by two Go'Gekra warriors. and the last featured Ambassador Leia Organa Solo (Sequel Trilogy) receiving counsel from the spectral form of Obi-Wan Kenobi making a final appearance from the Netherworld of the Force.
  • The second glimpse of Episode Nine was on the Yakface forums. The pre-production frame submitted was a early test shot of the Assault of Coruscant, which would immediately follow the opening crawl.
  • Before it was officially titled Reign of the Force,This Episode went through two different titles: Last Stand of the Jedi and Deception of the Teräs Käsi.
  • The character Cas-Lo Vont was originally killed in the opening scenes of the script for Episode Nine. this was originally done in an effort to relieve the building tension that Vont was in fact not a villain, but just a red haring to distract readers. after having fleshed out the character in such detail across the pages of Star Wars Fanon and Photo-Novel Wiki, the author decided to give Cas-Lo a heroic death in the middle portion of the story.
  • Much like the script for Episode Eight, the character Pando Dranet was originally intended to appear within Episode Nine. as the character was killed off in the Photo-Novel adaptation of The Volatile Vision, his entire plotline will not be included. His exclusion does not alter the story, as most of his scenes where alongside Zeb-Ska Soear. Whose role was shorten during the writing process.
  • In the shooting script; Master Yoda appeared before Leia Organa Solo (Sequel Trilogy) instead of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Talve Ganard was described as wielding a variation of Escrima Lightsabers in the script. However in the Photo-Novel version, Ganard will brandish the Escrimas against Chi-Ro Rahem and use a variation of lightsaber Sai when confronting Zett'alk in the climatic duel.
  • In the script Jaina Solo did not partake in Ben Skywalkers fight against Chi-Ro Rahem.
  • The Ronnapes where inspired by King Ghidorah from the Toho Studios' Godzilla films. and where excluded from the Photo-Novel adaptation.
  • The Custom action figure representing Ben Skywalker went through a drastic overhaul months prior to principal photography on the Photo-Novel. the work resulted in a closer resemblance to the skywalker line and an accidental resemblance to the Canon version of the character.
  • The concept of the Chemical Canon was a direct homage to the classic super weapon of the week style featured in most of the early Expanded Universe works.
  • In the Six Page outline written in December of 2004, the climax of the story took place on the world of Mon Calamari and featured a lengthy hyperspace chase. all elements of this climax where not included in the final draft of the script.
  • This Photo-Novel was constructed using Adobe Photoshop CS4, Bryce 6.1 and Daz Studio.
  • Several of the digital models used within the photo-novel where downloaded from the websites: Sci-fi 3D[1] and ShareCG [2].
  • The Photo-Novel was not ready for its release date of 09/09/09.

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