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Guardians of Peace and Justice Episode i - Persuasive Terror

Darth Kikinou


Darth Kikinou

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Darth Kikinou

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Widescreen photonovel


C (not canon)


Rise of the Empire era


40 BBY

Persuasive Terror is the first Episode of Guardians of Peace and Justice by Darth Kikinou.

Opening crawlEdit

Episode i
It is the year 40 BBY, eight 
years before the invasion 
of Naboo by the Trade 

In this time, millions of 
star systems co-exist in harmony
throughout the Galactic Republic.  
Peace and prosperity are
enjoyed by all.

The Jedi Knights - a monastic 
order of benevolent devotees 
The Force - are tasked resolving 
petty conflicits between star 
systems. They are the guardians 
of peace and justice in 
the galaxy.

Little do the Jedi know however, 
that sinister forces are working
toward creating a deadly droid 
army, threatening to destabilize
the Republic...


The Jedi Order dispatches Jedi Master Dooku and the Jedi Knight Sifo-Dyas to Dac after a series of coordinated suicide bombings by Quarren terrorists killed thousands of Mon Calamari civilians. After being briefed by the Mon Calamari queen, Sifo-Dyas was ordered to investigate the root of the bombings by the Jedi Council. After thwarting a new attack, Sifo-Dyas discovered that the mercenary Qymaen Jai Sheelal had been arming the Quarren terrorists. As Sifo-Dyas attempted to apprehend Jai Sheelal, he followed the mercenary to a Neimoidian ship where an apparent misunderstanding allowed Jai Sheelal to escape, depriving the Jedi from discovering that the Neimoidian villain Nute Gunray was actually Jai Sheelal's employer, and was taking advantage of the situation to gain the political momentum to create the Trade Federation, a military backed organization of which he was put in charge. Meanwhile, two professors studying the ancient order of the Sith discovered a lost artifact that may permit them to resurrect the order.


GOPAJ Ep1 Act 01

Act 1 : The peaceful world of Dac is thrown into turmoil.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 02

Act 2 : The Jedi council assembles.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 03

Act 3 : The aristocracy of Coruscant are bothered.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 04

Act 4 : The Jedi dispatch their knights,

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 05

Act 5 : Nute Gunray looks forward to more power.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 06

Act 6 : The Jedi and two professors prepare to land on Dac.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 07

Act 7 : The Jedi mediate a heated audience.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 08

Act 8 : Professors Aristote and Palpatine dig for a Sith artifact.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 09

Act 9 : Master Dooku reports back to the council.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 10

Act 10 : Sifo-Dyas heads back to Dac.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 11

Act 11 : Sifo-Dyas conducts an investigation.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 12

Act 12 : Sifo-Dyas gets an important lead.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 13

Act 13 : Sifo-Dyas thwarts a terrorist attack.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 14

Act 14 : Sifo-Dyas confronts Qymaen Jai Sheelal.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 15

Act 15 : Sifo-Dyas pursues Jai Sheelal.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 16

Act 16 : Jai Sheelal escapes thanks to Neimoidian droids.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 17

Act 17 : Gunray explains the error.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 18

Act 18 : The Galactic Senate creates the Trade Federation.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 19

Act 19 : Professors Aristote and Palpatine admire their find.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 20

Act 20 : Gunray and his associates celebrate.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 21

Act 21 : The Jedi lament.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 22

Act 22 : Dac is secured by security droids.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 23

Act 23 : Jai Sheelal walks into a trap.

GOPAJ Ep1 Act 24

Act 24 : Queen Razbac bestows an honor on the Jedi Order.



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