Star Wars Photo Novels' Good articles

A Good Article on Star Wars Photo Novels is an article that adheres to quality standards, but due to its limited content is not yet a Featured Article which represents the absolute best of Star Wars Photo Novels. Articles that no longer meet the standards for becoming a Good Article can and will have their Good Article status stripped by the administrators and/or bureaucrats.

Good Articles are generally described as better than normal articles, but not as outstanding as Featured Articles are. The article should generally be of substantial length, long enough to promote every given detail about the article, but short enough that it does not become a hassle to read or edit it. If your article is a larger article, you need to balance out the text with an appropriate number of pictures, and they should be spread out and be of appropriate size. The article should also contain an infobox with a picture that shows the character, ship, etc., in complete detail so that the reader can visualize it in his or her own mind.

Good articles also should not be tagged with any major improvement templates, showing that the article is, more or less, finished and little more will be added to it, though that is not to say that the history must be completed from birth to death. Good articles must follow the Manual of Style.

A small blue tick (SVera-GA) in the top right corner of an article's page indicates that the article is a good article.








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