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"Can you give an overview, Captain?"
Drazil Drewton[src]

Tenn Elcken was the Captain of the Legacy, Senator Drazil Drewton's starship. He was killed, along with his crew and the Senator, on the ship when an assassin boarded.


Captain of the LegacyEdit

Tenn Elcken became Captain of the Legacy, starship of Senator Drazil Drewton, around the time of 32 BBY.[1]

Assassin boardingEdit

"There could be people on that ship setting a trap for us. An assassin, a bounty hunter, or even a Kaleesh spy."
―Tenn Elckenn[src]

Tenn commanded the Legacy when Senator Drewton was sent to negotiate with the Kaleesh on Dantooine. Eventually, when they had almost reached Dantooine, a small freighter with no signature, seemingly abandoned, was picked up on the scanners. Tenric Zarell advised Captain Elcken to let the Senator decide what to do about it, advice which Elcken used.[1]

Senator Drewton was wary, but decided to bring it into the hangar. After it was brought in via tractor beam, scanning crews reported that no one was on board. The Senator, however, insisted on a second check, which resulted in one of the security officers going 'missing'.[1]

Becoming aware that a threat had boarded the ship, Tenn ordered Drazil to go to his quarters, where he would be heavily guarded. He tentatively agreed.[1]

"May the Force be with you."
―Tenn's last words to Drazil Drewton.[src]

Soon after, Tenric Zarell reported that everyone in the hangar was dead. Tenn saw the image of the assassin on a holocam screen, and it was one of his last actions.[1]


―Tenn shortly before being killed.[src]

The assassin entered the bridge and killed every crew member, including Tenn. Burt and Larry Drewton were the only ones to escape the Legacy alive.[1]


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