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Tigit was a pint-sized human who had served as a small but tough warrior. He soon became a majordomo to the Bozekanian crimelord Alokem.

Life of CrimeEdit

He had helped Alokem hire plenty of bounty hunters starting off with the Whazit Grubnux, the infamous Jawa Nik Jo, an Unidentified Aqualish, Sckarr, and the droid 4-LOM. He also helped recruit the Bith Band The B-Flats. Later, many guests including the bartender Wuher were drawn into the palace for plenty of fun. Later, Wuher brought in his daughter Roodala to be a trained guard.

Spice RobberyEdit

One night the Wookiee Kollaca and his friend Jon Treola stole some spices from the cellar. Wuher witnessed them break in and Grubnux chased them out. Tigit informed Alokem to have 4-LOM to find Kollaca and his spices.

Fall of The Alokem EmpireEdit

4-LOM had done as ordered and returned years later with Kollaca and the last of the spices. Alokem was so happy, as a reward he ordered 4-LOM to kill the Wookiee in front of the court. Roodala betrayed her master and threw a thermal detonator at Alokem's throne killing him. The guests had fled before and Ithorian Momaw Nadon killed both Nik Jo and Grubnux. Tigit, 4-LOM, and Grubnux's friend Indibal escaped. Tigit ordered Sckarr to track down the heroes wherever they went. It could've been most likely that Sckarr informed Tigit that Roodala, Momaw Nadon, Wuher, and Kollaca were on Kashyyyk and then Tigit may have informed the Empire to capture them.

Tragic EndingEdit

Tigit, 4-LOM, and Indibal contacted Darth Vader who got back from a Mission on Hoth. The three went on Vader's Star Destroyer The Raging Acklay and then arrived to find the following prisoners: Wuher and the Wookiee Auhsoj. However when Vader and bounty hunter Boba Fett arrived with a dead Wampa and dead Jedi Master Tom Win, Vader saw Officer Dash about to shoot Auhsoj and demanded his reasons. Foolishly, Admiral Edud started explaining but Vader stabbed him for his lack of failure. Indibal was ordered to take his prisoners and leave. 4-LOM was assigned to Fett. Tigit wanted to win his droid friend back so he and Officer Dash jumped on top of Vader. Vader ended Tigit's life with a stab in the heart. Dash was sliced on the other hand and Auhsoj was gunned down. Indibal escaped with Wuher however.


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